Ah! Beer
Label illustration

Ah! Beer

Client — The Something
Year — 2015
Link — Ah! Facebook page

I was invited by "Ah! Beer" to create an illustration of their best-selling product - "Mursalski Red Ale". Mursalski Tea which is the unique ingredient in this beer is considered the Bulgaria aphrodisiac, so they needed an illustration of a girl.

The concept of "Ah! Beer" is to invite different artists for their label designs and to give the beer a different name according the current artist. Each name represents a fictional chemical element, in this case "Mz!" means MZK.



I usually start with a simple sketch just to get the position of the eyes, nose and mouth. Then move to adding details on the face, hair and clothes. Finally shading and final touches. Done in Photoshop.



Ah! Beer label design by Martin Peril
Ah! Beer on  Facebook


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