Temper Boards
Longboard graphics

Temper Longboards

Client — Temper Longboards
Year — 2015
Link — www.temperboards.com

Temper Boards is a new Bulgarian longboard brand. This is their second year of existence and they invited me to create the graphics of their entire 2015 longboard collection. I had complete creative freedom but I wanted the graphics to be somehow related to the boards. So for instance I wanted to create something badass for Berserker (slide/downhill) and something more chilli for Summery (cruze).



Summery is a classic pintail longboard, perfect for cruising and freestyle. The idea of the graphic was to create something that is also suitable for girls but at the same time not too girly.



This is Temper Board's wild heart. A real freeride board perfect for downhill ride and big slides. This board is for serious riders so I had to create some serious art for it, something truly hardcore.



With this board you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want to do. So I had complete freedom as well and created something that's close to my heart.


Ivan The Terrible

Ivan is the hardcore downhill board and the graphic had to be serious and hardcore.


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Photo credits:
Temper Longboards, Wild-Berries, MZK