My name is Kaloian Toshev – MZK.
I'm an Artist, Illustrator & Designer on a mission to bring more beauty to the world.

I'm passionate about female beauty and expressing it through digital art. Aesthetics in design and in general. And technologies and the way they impact art. Co-founder of several startups. I'm also into extreme sports, actively practising snowboarding, motocross, kitesurf and martial arts (Ving Tsun).  /  +359 876 8 31337

My name is Kaloian Toshev MZK
I'm an Artist, Illustrator & Designer on a mission to bring more beauty to the world.

Passionate about female beauty and expressing it through digital art, aesthetics in design and in general, technologies and the way they impact art. Co-founder of several startups. I'm also into extreme sports, actively practising snowboarding, motocross, kitesurf and martial arts (Ving Tsun).

Contact me — — +359 876 8 31337


Born 1986 in Bulgaria, 
I've started drawing at very early age.

And to this day, I've never stopped.

In 2004 I bought my first graphic tablet and discovered the unlimited universe of digital art.

Digital art was the intersection of two of my favorite things - technology and art, so I quickly well inlove.

In 2005 I got featured on DeviantArt, the biggest digital art community at that time.

This was huge success for me and helped me realise that people actually like what I do. At that moment there I decided digital art is something I'll do in life.

Studied at two universities, dropped out of both of them.

I studied Visual Arts in The National Academy of Arts in Sofia, but soon after I got accepted dropped out of boredom, since it wasn't what I was expecting. Then got accepted to study Architecture, but quickly realised that what I really want is to draw and design, so dropped out of that as well and focused on working.

Around 2010 I've switched from Vector to Raster artworks

I had a big passion for vector graphics but they were lacking the expression of the line and the ability to get really messy while drawing. This is why I began experimenting with raster digital art. I was immediately hooked and made the switch.


Around 2011 I've began working for digital agencies, then quit and never looked back.

Working for agencies is OK, but they were draining my energy, since most of the times the whole environment was very tense, due to the always short deadlines.

After that I've started working for product companies.

Working on a single product turns out to be so much better. There is no pressure and the reward and satisfaction are much greater. I've learned so much at Wacom and my work has been seen by millions of users.

Began working for product companies

Working on a product turns out to be so much better. There is no pressure and the reward and satisfaction is greater. I've learned so much at Wacom and had the opportunity to design for million of users.


First solo exhibition in 2013

The exhibition was covered by all major culture and art media in Bulgaria and more than 1000 people attended it on the opening day. It was held in VIVACOM arthall, one of the biggest galleries in Sofia at that time and was gallery's most successful exhibition in terms of visitors. It was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. More photos here.


Numerous brand collaborations from 2013 to 2021

I've collaborated with various big and small brands. I've designed cans, bottles, snowboards, longboards, all kinds of clothing, and so on, even wrapped a building while under construction.


In 2014 I joined Enhancv and played huge role in making it the world's best online resume builder.

I was responsible for the brand, product UI & UX, as well as the resume design. While working there, Enhancv became the most desired resume format out there. Mark Cuban said it's amazing. His post generated 87k likes and 4k comments, making Marissa Mayer's resume the most popular in the world.

4 years later I've Quit Enhancv and founded Noble Hire and Lena-Lena

With Noble Hire I continued my mission to help professionals find the right company for them. Lena-Lena is s a passion project that creates luxurious hand-made lingerie.

Started drawing portraits for commissions, but quit soon after.

I've began drawing people for commissions. Not long after it turned out not to be my thing. Honestly, I hated it. So I quit and decided that if I ever draw a portrait again, it would be because I want to, not because someone paid me to.

In the beginning of 2021 I've discovered NFTs and it instantly made so much sense!

I'm convinced NFTs are what's been missing in digital art all those years. Also this again combines my two biggest passions - technology and art. I believe NFTs are here to stay and great times await all digital creators!

Became Bulgaria's best selling NFT artist and co-creator of the first Bulgarian collectable project.

In less then one year my works got collected by some of the best collectors in the space. Did a collaboration with CoinGecko and got invited in PlayingArts Crypto project. Made numerous interview and talks, even on National Television. Co-criated Sublimes in sold it out.


Featured on,,,,,,,, Illustration Served, Typography Served, Branding Served and more...


2018, The Tote Exhibition / BOLD Showroom, Sofia
2018, Night Market III / NDK, Sofia
2017, Pop-up mini exhibition / Solo exhibition, Enhancv office

2016, Alphabets Exhibition / Council of Europe, Strasbourg
2016, August Illustrated / Group Exhibition, VIVACOM ArtHall, Sofia
2016, Audi Q2 #untaggablexhibition / Group Exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Sofia
2016, Nomads People's Evolutuon / Group Exhibition, Sofia Museum of History
2015, Night Market II / Group Exhibition, Polygraphia Sofia
2015, The Tote / Group Exhibition, SOHO Sofia
2014, Plakat Kombinat — Favourite City / Group Exhibition, Bulgarian Cultural Institute London
2014, TEDxBG Exhibition / Group Exhibition, Bulgaria Hall Sofia
2014, The Tote / Group Exhibition, betahause Sofia
2013, Desire / Solo exhibition, VIVACOM@ArtHall Sofia

2013, U-lica Birthday / Group Exhibition, Memento NDK Sofia
2012, Sofia Design Week / Group Exhibition, Fabrica 126 Sofia
2011, Computer Space Exhibition / Group Exhibition, Lover's Bridge Sofia
2009, Sofia Design Week - Master Remastered / Group Exhibition, Goethe-Institut Sofia
2009, Sofia Architecture Week - Vitoshka 46-34 / Group Exhibition, Soviet Army Monument Sofia
2009, Help for Evgeni / Group Exhibition, The Fridge Sofia
2006, School Exhibition / Group Exhibition, Shipka 6 Sofia


2021, 100% Budni / Bulgarian National Television / Sofia
2021, SoftUni Creative / NFT Renaissance / Online
2021, Svrah Choveka / Online
2021, GeckoCon – NFTs Gone Wild / Online
2021, BDG #90 / Bulgarian Design Group / Online
2021, TokenSmart / Discord Server / Online
2017, Behance Portfolio Review Bulgaria #5 / Sofia, Raster Minds / Varna

2013, BDG #4 / Betahaus Sofia


2018, Amica® Bulgaria / Lena-Lena Project
2017, Take Away Give Away / FourPlus & Studio Komplekt

2016, Playing Arts Special Edition Pack /
2015, Infine Collisions Card Deck /
2014, Mo Chroi / Marin Millar
2014, Illustration Now! 4 Tear off Calendar 2014 / Taschen

2013, Illustration Now! 4 Calendar 2013 / Taschen
2012, 52 Aces - Limited card deck / Zeixs
2012, Illustration Now! 4 Book / Taschen
2012, Illustration 2 / Zeixs

2011, Logo Talks / Art Power
2009, 1000 Fonts / Chronicle Books
2009, Book of the year Vol. 2 / The Design And Design
2009, 2EDGED Magazine / 2EDGED
2009, Capital Light® Magazine / Economedia (BG)
2009, Edno Magazine / Edno (BG)


2004 - Present — Artist & illustrator
2020 - Present — Awera. Personal productivity and awereness app.
2018 - Present — NobleHire, Founder & Design director. Referal based hiring platform

2013 - 2019 — Lena-Lena, Co-Founder & Art director. The best handmade lingerie in Bulgaria
2014 - 2017 — Enhancv, Art director & Product designer. Creating next level tools for building the resume of the future.
2012 - 2014 — Wacom®, UI/UX designer and Inhouse illustrator. 
2008 - 2011 — NuFabric, Co-Founder & Illustrator. A creative collective project with Dimo Trifonov & Nikolay Vanchev.
2007 - 2012 — RIZN Communication Design, Senior Graphic & Web designer. The best Bulgarian web agency at that time.
2003 - 2007 — Studio PLAKAT, Junior graphic designer & DTP

Contact me for new projects & collaborations.